A Love Letter to Jesus Freak: A Conversation with Will Stockton

In this conversation, Will Stockton, Clemson University Professor of English, discusses the kind of feedback his book on dc Talk’s Jesus Freak has received; the complexities of evangelical Christianity; why writing openly about his sexuality and loss of faith actually left him in a better mood than writing about Shakespeare; and how the music of dc Talk is more than just a guilty pleasure.

Learning to Hear the Chicken’s Voice Part 2: An Interview with Dynestee Fields

In this second part of the interview we cover the ramifications of Dynestee’s documentary, we’ll learn about how chickens are genetically modified, the odd place chickens occupy in the discussion of animal rights, how Hurricane Katrina gave chicken advocates unexpected information, how female and male chickens differ, what happens when you show a documentary about chickens to a chicken, and which on-screen talking heads in “The Voice of the Chicken” voice values that best match and clash with Dynestee’s own.