About Freedom’s Hill Primer

Freedom’s Hill Primer is a digital journal that seeks to provide its audience with articles and videos on a variety of topics within the liberal arts and media culture. Our website is maintained by students and faculty from Southern Wesleyan University. Freedom’s Hill Primer is a place for exploration, collaboration, teaching, learning, and some experimentation.

Our contributors provide reviews and commentary on recently-published books—fiction, creative nonfiction, and books that deal with a topic of interest within the fields of humanities, liberal arts, or communications. We provide reviews of new movies and currently-running television shows, interviews with scholars and leaders in the liberal arts, as well as reviews and reporting on regional arts events (within upstate South Carolina, North Carolina, Northern Georgia, or Eastern Tennessee). We also publish criticism on media artifacts and popular culture. We try to provide commentary on writers and thinkers in the liberal arts tradition (such as C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Wayne C. Booth, and so forth).

While our Southern Wesleyan University students and faculty provide much of the website content, we always welcome ideas from writers who wish to provide interviews or reviews of recent books, movies, television shows, and regional arts events. Feel free to send a short ‘pitch’ to one of our editors. Please look around the journal and enjoy the content. Feel free to provide feedback. Together, let us explore the possibilities of the humanities and storytelling within this digital frontier.